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a graphics community
iconicmuse is a graphics community that was first started by make_me_irish & tequila725 in order to share our work outside of our personal journals.
Since then we have been happy to welcome new makers who wish to share their work with us, and other members.
The community is open to posts for any fandom, so the interests do not directly relate to what can actually be found here. All entries are tagged though, so feel free to browse our tags.
Some posts are locked so you may have to join to view certain entries.
We don’t have any serious rules set out
If a maker requests that you credit them, please do so; it's a nice way of saying thanks for their work.

Unsure how to credit? Copy and paste the following into the comments section of your icon. Inserting the appropriate maker name.

You don’t edit any graphics unless the post states that the work can be modified. Similarly, don’t take work from this community, and pass it off as your own somewhere else.

You leave comments if you take anything, it lets our makers know which styles are preferred and that their work is being used.

If you feel the need to criticize, we ask that it's constructive! Tips and ideas to improve are always helpful, rudeness is not.

You don’t hotlink! It takes very little time to save to your own hard drive and then upload it yourself using an image hosting site such as Photobucket or Tinypic, both of which are free.


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Fonts - Dafont / Fonts for peas

*Other resource posts can be found at the makers personal journals, so if you don’t see a credit for something you made, here, chances are it will be there*

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